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The 2019 Gambler 500 OG Hoodie - huge Gambler logo on font, GAMBLER across back shoulders with sponsor deck

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A little backstory...

Every year Tate and I get together and after a lil' whiskey we pick the official color combo.  If you run a Black tee with white it's timeless.  But the combos bellow are locked in to represent the original runs and years:

2014 Year 1 - Black with Gold

2015 Year 2 - Gray with Silver

2016 Year 3 - Royal Blue with White

2017 Year 4 - Navy Blue with Yellow

2018 Year 5 - Red with White

2019 Year 6 - Yellow Gold with Gray

2020 Year 7 - distilling as we speak

ABG - Andy

Pressed by Gamblers for Gamblers

2019 OG Gambler 500 Official Hoodie Use code: BOGO2019OGHOODIE

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