The 2020 Gambler 500 OG Hoodie - huge Gambler logo on font, GAMBLER across back shoulders with sponsor deck

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A little backstory...

Every year Tate and I get together and after a lil' whiskey we pick the official color combo.  If you run a Black tee with white it's timeless.  But the combos bellow are locked in to represent the original runs and years:

2014 Year 1 - Black with Gold

2015 Year 2 - Gray with Silver

2016 Year 3 - Royal Blue with White

2017 Year 4 - Navy Blue with Yellow

2018 Year 5 - Red with White

2019 Year 6 - Yellow Gold with Gray

2020 Year 7 - Forest Green with White

ABG - Andy

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2020 OG Gambler 500 Official Hoodie

  • Presale - shipping late March early April - will update as they roll off the line.  If you order with orther items, put "partial ship" in comments at checkout and we'll ship what's ready now and then ship your 2020 forest green items when they are ready

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