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Fresh in, rock these on your SOS bags, hats, gear bags, kit, backpack, etc.


Choose from Sons of Smokey SOS logo or Sunset, Gambler Catch Hands Badge, OG Gambler Logo(Temp Out Of Stock), or a limited King Of The Canners patch


Great for collecting on your Sons Of Smokey Gen 4 trash bag pannel (buy trail bag at bargain cost here)


All designs come in hook and loop (AKA velcro) with a hook back and opposite soft side in the same shape for sewing onto garmet (or apply direct to your 'loop' soft pannel).  SOS Sunset also comes in Iron On


Each patch aprox. 3" wide


***Shipping Now***


Profits from SOS Patches go directly to Sons Of Smokey, a 501C3 non profit dedicated to picking up garbage off of our public lands

Gambler + SOS Patches

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