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An ode the empty gestures


Friends goldfish dies? Send them a bag of Thoughts & Prayers


Headed out on an adventure in your Gambler rig? You'll need some Thoughts & Prayers


The anecdote for fishing with bananas, blown out flip flops, and big tests in life


- -


Fresh roasted by Tate and Andy in Portland Oregon weekly


Brazilian Medium Roast: notes of chocolate, peanuts, good luck


12+oz per resealable package with valve for high and low altitude adventures


Absurdely good


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About The Crop


Gamblers Gold is grown in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais state of Brazil. This is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, home to roughly 5% of all species on earth and an excellent place to produce green coffee. Someday (soon) we will bring you there


The beans are naturally processed under the sun for 2-7 days before being loaded into wood boxes to become homogenized before export.


- -


Choose from Whole Bean or Ground, 12+ ounces per resealable bag. Peel-able sticker to put on your Gambler car/ cooler/ coffee mug/ thermos/ laptop/ casket


$5 Shipping 1-3 bags, free shipping with any order over $99 and can combine with other Gambler/SOS products to get there


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$20 Drop Ship A Cool Gift


Throw your friends name and address in the Customer details at checkout and for $20 shipped have a fresh bag delivered to soothe that broken leg or broken heart. Or wish them a happy Gambler or a happy birthday.  And we’ll even hand write you a note to them if you put it in the Add a note instructions at checkout

Thoughts & Prayers Coffee - Gambler Gold

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Weekly T & P Coffee
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Monthly T & P Coffee
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$12.00every month until canceled
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