2020 Gambler 500: Competitive Trail Cleanup

It's the world's largest trail cleanup, it's essential and it's critical to keep each other safe, healthy and protect the wilderness. With recent increased dumping, we have formed a Federal nonprofit to provide infrastructure and tools to assist: Gambler still encourages people to explore and pick up trash, you will see plenty of fellow gamblers and their creations along the way and disperse camp, details below. Please share pics of your adventures using #gambler500 #oreillypowered #sonsofsmokey

CAMPING: for sake of fire danger we advocate for camping in sparser treed areas on East Side of the map... USFS and BLM have instituted fire restrictions to to drought year and heat. Meaning no campfires.





2020 has been a challenging year for all and somewhat defining for Gambler. Translating state and social responsibility while entrusting fellow human beings with making the right decisions. While Phase II allows for up to 100 people at outdoor gatherings ( We trust citizens can prove they do not require legislation to do the right things, you do not need laws to prevent the spread of COVID, simple social distancing measures greatly affect how quickly our Country can get back to work. Close talking has always been gross, people naturally project spit droplets as they speak and standing 6-10 feet away is just common courtesy. Wearing a mask is not a political statement and is encouraged, we respect all these measures and assume that by participating you are agreeing to these most basic rights we have to personal space.

Here is a list of lodging across Klamath County, there are also many RV Parks and developed campsites across N Klamath County we will be linking soon. Any overnight camping/lodging will be dispersed, here are the guidelines to camping on public land (it's easier than you think).

USFS Guidelines

BLM Guidelines

Containers to collect trash collected from public lands will be located in Crescent, OR behind the Bigfoot Tavern from 10am-6pm June 26-27. Last year we collected over 280 cubic yards, lets beat it.

For those that register HERE we will be handing out packets (scan your ticket/screen... over $40 retail value logo buff/dust mask, JB Weld Steel Stik, the 2020 Sticker and lots more) at the Gilchrist Market. Monies not refunded will go towards our forest cleanup costs, if you do want a refund please email with your ticket number in subject line before June 13th it is essential for planning cost measures, please allow a week to process.

Gambling in Oregon and across the World with for those that cannot make it to Oregon we will have a participant leaderboard with combined Gambler UnPaved scores running all weekend. We are set for release on iOS devices (Android to follow in 2021) week of June for free trial subscription, more details and slides to come. It allows users to create profiles, upload vehicle pics, create and share "tracks" and compete with UnPaved scores.

1.  This is not a race (HooptieX is tho... Fri-Sat)

2.  There is no $500 rule, cheaper cars win Scepter so no way to cheat with $$$

3.  We are the world's largest and competitive trail cleanup, bring trash bags.

4.  You are responsible for your actions, same legal standards apply as any other day.

5.  Don't be a dick.


CB and Walkie Talkie: Channel 4 general coms

CB and Walkie Talkie: Channel 15 emergency


Tracks: app has waypoint sets/tracks integrated into app but here are waypoint sets generated by others and shared for free as always illustrated below.

Rolling starts means come through at anytime during business hours to avoid congestion, waypoints are not manned simply creative UnPaved ways to get to your destination.

Lebanon to Gilchrist: Waypoints posted outside Conversion Brewing Friday & Saturday

Klamath Falls to Gilchrist:

Devils Starfish Loop, created by EmWest Motorsports

1. 43.3509655, -120.3872837

2. 43.009324, -121.031739

3. 42.930695, -121.363901 4. 43.46376, -121.694157 5. 43.665486, -121.506054 6. 43.72458, -120.995800 7. 43.582769, -121.078275 8. 43.373542, -121.054845 9. 43.356799, -120.672288 10. 43.33358, -120.672288

The Devil's B**Hole Christmas Valley Sand Dunes is challenging wide open terrain OHV Class ii required for cars/trucks

Gambler Minibike Trail Ride at Three Trails OHV System: River's South Staging Saturday 6/27 9am-6pm (not a race but will have tracks posted here and UnPaved app by 6/20)

For apparel or merchandise prior to event visit (2020 ovals only in packets).

Please visit for fire prevention tips but you are required by law to carry a fire extinguisher on public land.

As always we are stewards of the envirnoment and the communities we pass through.  We have huge dumpsters in Crescent as we host the largest trail cleanup in the world during the event, please snap a pic of the debris you collect along your journey and post pics to Instagram tagging @thegambler500 and @sonsofsmokey along with hashtag #sonsofsmokey and we will be selecting winners for most debris, biggest debris, shooting pit cleanup and more.  Please include a fire extinguisher, first aid, food, water, tools plus all essentials for overland travel.  

The Competition:  

1.  The Scepter:  This award has been handed down year after year to the team that most embodies the Gambler spirit.  The cheapest car, the coolest people, helpful on trail etc.

2.  Stewardship:  Every gambler picks up litter and trail trash along the way, if we’re going to have fun we’re gonna help.  Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @thegambler500 @sonsofsmokey #sonsofsmokey and we’ll be selecting 5 teams to receive awards from Yakima Racks.

3. will be keeping a leaderboard with Gambler UnPaved score which is an algorithm of how many waypoints you hit, amount and severity of UnPaved surfaces traveled.

5.  The Gambler Car Show by TRAXXAS RC is back again for 2020 we will be selecting a winner for each category Craziest Build, Most RC Car like and Best Overland/SIRCH&RASCUE rig will all receive a TRAXXAS RC car. Judged throughout weekend from Gilchrist Store, HooptieX and Bigfoot Tavern.

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