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Camping, Trailer Parking and Whiskey oh my...

FIRE DANGER is a HUGE concern, please find dispersed camping to the East in the desert, no campfires in Gilchrist State Forest or National Forest, please consult local ordinances and practice highest safety standards. Or lodging/campgrounds: HERE

How to camp on public land: USFS Guidelines BLM Guidelines

Gilchrist High School has some capacity to park car trailers/tow rigs if you purchased off website please show volunteer in lot, you may buy here:

Participant packets, we have pre-sold 80% of them. It's the only place to get 2020 Green oval, O'Reilly Coca-Cola Gambler hat, custom buff/neck gaiter, JB Weld Steel Stik, Heatwave air freshener, and stickers from TRAXXAS, KC, Rugged and more. HERE

WHISKEY will be at Gilchrist Market as well as assorted liquor stores around the area and Oregon.

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