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Gambler 2024: Goodbye Graveltown

Updated: 3 days ago

Gambler 500: no you dont need a $500 car, just come have fun, watch some racing, see the bands, pick up, make friends and witness the insanity... (tickets: HERE)

For 11 years the Gambler has always been about change and 3 years at the Fairgrounds feels like enough so this will be our final year and we're stoked for it. Most of the historic trash around Bend and Redmond has been removed and is now being continuously replaced with houseless debris and stolen cars. The City of Bend still ignores any sustainable solution so we feel at this point our efforts are purely enabling the indiffernece of city officials... so 2025 will be a fresh start in a new spot.

THE ROUTES: more than ever

Coming from Portland/Valley? North Valley Start from Conversion Brewing in Lebanon Saturday June 22nd (or on Casual Friday the 21st) ROLLING STARTanytime between 7am-3pm waypoints will be posted outside brewery.

(will update with lat/long waypoints outside of OnX soon, OnX 7 day free trial:

the Crooked Loop (hit it on the way down to Gamblertown or day trip, make sure to use Sons of Smokey app and find trash, use waypoints in any order, one way or out and back)

Lat/Long waypoints

Start at any waypoint, come up loop around or straight down to Gamblertown

DUMPSTERS FOR TRASH: 44.52774, -121.11627

44.53454, -121.06318

44.54904, -121.07468

44.59193, -121.06001

44.60980, -121.04836

44.62866, -121.02810

44.64344, -121.03394

44.66672, -121.02736

44.64080, -121.02471

44.55117, -121.02470

Tumalo Pipeline (2 hour cruise to get some eats at the food trucks in Tumalo, rip back the same way or cruise up 97 to Gamblertown)

Lat/Long waypoints

Start: 44.28762, -121.33658

44.28047, -121.35221

44.28832, -121.36025

44.29267, -121.38620

44.27046, -121.39711

44.27329, -121.38424

44.26504, -121.38416

44.26478, -121.35584

44.27266, -121.34360

44.23716, -121.34552 44.20331, -121.32430

Food trucks/end: 44.14715, -121.33140

go back same way or up 97 or choose your own adventure

Culo del Diablo (not for the faint of heart, a full day into the depths of the Heart of Darkness)

Lat/Long waypoints


optional Paulina Peak: 43.68931, -121.25457

short hike obsidian flow: 43.70399, -121.22722

little store/lake: 43.72350, -121.19519

Hole in the Ground: 43.40492, -121.20229

Fort Rock: 43.37289, -121.06618

Watering Hole: 43.35525, -121.05475

Crack in the Ground: 43.33293, -120.67600

Derrick Ice Cave (dope AF) 43.52067, -120.86443

OG camp (site of first gambler) 43.89720, -121.12265

Gamblertown: 44.23626, -121.17751

Grasslands Cleanup schedule:

call or text our hero Russ Rowe if you get lost or separated: 541-550-8299 or GMRS CH-17

if you haul an abandoned car or truck off of public land to B&R Auto Wrecking I will comp your trailer registration at OG please send pic of car and location where you found it plus pic of it dropped at B&R to

Friday meet here at 1PM: 44.599120, -121.034800

Saturday/Sunday meet at dumpsters in Gamblertown at 9am to caravan orrrrrr

Saturday meet here 10am: 44.592306, -121.059111

Sunday meet here 10am: 44.462306, -121.094500

64154 N Hwy 97, Bend, OR

Take large RV/TRAILERS straight to Baker Knott Landfill, save location where found, take pics where you found it, at dump and of receipts for reimbursement (we will not reimburse for trailers off private land or personal disposal).

Formula G Go Kart Racing Saturday 10am on HellTrack

Minibike Enduro 1pm Saturday: detes to follow


  1. HooptieX racing Friday and Saturday

  2. Worlds biggest public land cleanup all weekend

  3. Greatest car show on Earth

  4. Music starts around 6 pm Fri/Sat

  5. Minibike trail runs

  6. Minibike racing

  7. RC car shenanigans

  8. Onsite food vendors 

  9. Greatest group of people you'll ever meet

*PARK AND PARTY... NO PARTY LAPS or dangerous camp behavior

2024... As always this is just for Gamblertown/camping and HooptieX if you wanna bomb around, explore and pick uptrash that's cool and free. HooptieX is onsite and admission for spectating is included, camping is separate but just forvehicle not additional per person.  Under 21 is allowed in spectator area, HooptieX, bands etc just not camp (per OLCC). Having cleaned up most of Klamath County, we are headed to Deschutes and Jefferson County to explore new placesand focus on the incredible amount of abandoned cars and illegal dumping in the Crooked River Grasslands andMillican Valley.  

"GAMBLERTOWN" opens Friday June 21st and closes Sunday June 23rd at noon.  We still recommend camping Fridaynight in smaller groups along the way if you're not into crowds and want to do it how we did when it started, Saturdaynight is the big party.  Redeem at gate for wristband and if vehicle pass purchased receive vehicle sticker for car toaccess camp.  

Yes a stock Toyota Corolla can make it, yes support rigs are welcome, yes you and your friends can come in yourcapable late model rigs, have fun and help people out.  We love fun crazy cars regardless of value, we hate rules don'tmake us make more.  We love everybody, hate litterbugs, leave your egos behind, park and party ZERO vehicleshenanigans in camp, keep off-road shenanigans at OHV areas.  Safety is a primary concern and everyone's duty tokeep each other safe.

1.  This is not a race.

2.  There is no $500 rule, cheaper cars win Scepter so no way to cheat with $$$

3.  We are the world's largest and competitive trail cleanup, bring trash bags but we will have dumpsters for disposal.

4.  You are responsible for your actions, same legal standards apply as any other day.

5.  Don't be a dick.

Camp is rustic, dusty and post apocalyptic, there will be places to park if you choose to campelsewhere and just come to hang out with fellow gamblers.  We will be emailing list of resourcesand sites prior to event.

Remember the goal is to reach any of the destinations using as little pavement as possible "pavement is lava" drive safeas you be sharing and interacting with thousands of other gambler cars.  The best challenge is navigating stock 2WDcars over backroads that trucks and SUVs wouldn't have a problem with but you'll find plenty of challenges for built rigsalong the way.   

Use OHV options for technical off-road shenanigan fun make sure your vehicle or minibike has anOHV permit if you plan to utilize OHV property PURCHASE online HERE

As always we are stewards of the envirnoment and the communities we pass through.  We have huge dumpsters onsite as we hostthe largest trail cleanup in the world during the event, please snap a pic of the debris you collect along your journey and post pics toInstagram tagging @thegambler500 and @sonsofsmokey along with hashtag #sonsofsmokey and we will be selecting winners formost debris, biggest debris, shooting pit cleanup and more.  Please include a fire extinguisher, first aid, food, water, tools plus allessentials for overland travel.  

The Competition:  

1.  The Scepter:  This award has been handed down year after year to the team that most embodies the Gambler spirit.  The cheapestcar, the coolest people, helpful on trail etc.

2.  Stewardship:  Every gambler picks up litter and trail trash along the way, if we’re going to have fun we’re gonna help.  Snap a picand tag us on Instagram @thegambler500 @sonsofsmokey #sonsofsmokey and we’ll be selecting 5 teams to receive awards fromour sponsors.

3.  The Gambler Car Show by TRAXXAS RC is back again for 2022 we will be selecting a winner for each category Craziest Build, MostRC Car like and Best Overland/SIRCH&RASCUE rig will all receive a TRAXXAS RC car.

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Sam Dillard
Sam Dillard
17 hours ago

The majority of the old rubbish surrounding Bend and Redmond has been cleared, and it is now constantly being replaced by abandoned homes, abandoned cars, and other waste. We believe that, at this moment, our efforts are only serving to excuse the indifference of city authorities because the City of Bend continues to reject any viable alternative. As a result, 2025 will mark a new beginning in a different location. Snow Rider


Esla Amber
Esla Amber
2 days ago

I love how the Gambler 500 not only celebrates creativity and resourcefulness with The Scepter and the Gambler Car Show but also instills a strong sense of environmental stewardship by encouraging participants to clean up the trails. This holistic approach ensures that the event is not only fun and competitive but also responsible and community-minded, making it a truly unique and impactful experience. By rewarding teams for embodying the Gambler spirit, showcasing innovative car builds, and promoting trail cleanliness, the Gambler 500 creates a vibrant community that values both adventure and sustainability. hill climb racing


han gu
han gu
2 days ago

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Tate & Gambler Executive Team: fully support your position on this, and share your frustration. Let's not forget that Bend municipal "leadership" (term used loosely) was fully aware in 1985 of the area's impending population explosion, and yet they




to control growth, nor to provide viable transit routes or alternatives

so, now, traveling to or through or near Bend is an exercise in futility.



Bummer, seemed like a good venu. Perhaps we spent too much money in Redmond?

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