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Offishul Update

We are not cancel culture.

We are also not interested in exposing vulnerable people to disease.  The COVID situation is continually evolving and we continue to adapt.  While everyone's interpretation varies on how to handle our current status we remain staunchly nonpartisan and dedicated solely to accommodating all people and communities that we inhabit. Gambler started as small group, that is how we proceed for 2020 as throwback to the 2014 OG.  Take this opportunity to explore on your own or participate in a distanced way in N Klamath County or beyond.  The UnPaved app with be available for trial on iOS mid-June connecting people and creating or sharing waypoint sets all over the world.  We will have standalone waypoint sets and tracks available over social media for free.  Android will be available the following year as funds allow.  (updates and links soon) Gambler 500 as a whole embraces all Federal, State and County mandates regarding social distancing and further hope that people simply adopt safe and smart social behaviors in that we can retain the best parts of the Gambler 500 in these trying times.  While people may not all agree, all participants must recognize other's concerns and rights to personal space and exposure.  It is only by adopting this cautious approach can we move forward as a modified version of past events. This means dispersed camping in groups mandated by state or less (currently 25) we will have resources available for primitive sites, campgrounds, hotels, RV parks etc in the Klamath County area.  Anyone registered for camp will get a registration packet with the 2020 sticker, Gambler branded dust full mask neck gaiter/buff, JB Weld, O'Reilly, Rugged Radio, Heatwave and Gambler swag/sticker packs or a refund if requested.  We will have centralized area to disperse packs as well as free spray paint/stencil area.  HooptieX is still on in a socially distanced manner, RC racing and minibike trail ride and enduros during the weekend as well.  All details to be emailed in the coming weeks. We recommend the wearing of facemasks in all public areas, again there is no negative impact in being cautious as your actions effect us all even if just by putting your fellow human at ease.  Wearing a mask alone in your car is kinda extreme though I will say, but that's all you. Thank you for being patient, thank you for accepting our cautious approach as it is the only way that we have ever survived as a culture, put others first.  We want the opportunity to proceed with the world's largest trail cleanup, outdoor adventure and the path is only laid with altruism and empathy for other's. This is all of course subject to change within the coming weeks/month.

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