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2020 Update: there will be more as well...

Obviously things are changing but we are adapting as we always have and will. Health and safety are number 1 if you feel like you cannot comply with safe driving practices, State required health guidelines, Federal Fire Safety guidlines please excuse yourself. As always fires are not permitted as the increase of fire danger with an influx this size is the concern of all. We will post resources to camping and lodging soon. Gambler 500 has always been about the journey not the destination which is why we developed Gambler UnPaved as a way to create, share and compete with fellow off-roaders, overlanders, prerunners, Gamblers, etc. Will be available in app store with free trial a week before event. Check social for more options if you need: HERE In lieu of camping we will have participant packs in Crescent at the dumpster site where you can present your registraqtion ticket/screen to get the 2020 oval, Gambler head buff/dust gaiter, JB Weld Steel Stick, O'reilly multi-tool card, trash bag, plus stickers, coozies and air fresheners from Heatwave, KC HiLiTeS, TRAXXAS, Rugged Radio and more. I will be sending out refund emails for those that prefer but you can buy one of the limited packs. UnPaved will be fore iOS only this year until we can afford to port over to all of the Android platforms, we will be emailing out and posting dozens of "waypoint" sets from Madras, Lebanon and Klamath Falls plus multiple loops within Central Oregon. There will be multiple MiniBike trail rides occuring at the OHV areas. Please let empathy be your guide as you explore Oregon with your fellow human.

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