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Gambler UnPaved App

Updated: Jun 26, 2020


Quick video tutorial, will add more. Stay patient with debugging and Droid version coming 2021. App is FREE while we beta test, use codes: Gambler200, Code500 or Rally2020

The goal is navigating between waypoints using as many "UnPaved" roads as possible. Create and discover places while taking the road less traveled, it's not about the destination it's the journey. Gambler UnPaved "Adventures in getting there."


-Create user profile (do not logout if you plan to be outside of data area)

-Uppload pics of vehicles and build your "garage" (minibikes encouraged as well...)

-Download offline maps by "zooming in" on projected areas of travel (tiles will be saved for 30 days)

-Create and submit "tracks" as waypoint sets along the general area of travel

-Browse waypoint sets "tracks" auto populated by other users (be aware of lots of noise as test tracks are created, best to source from friends or event creator directly). Also be aware of "noise" and test tracks that populate the map as we get started. We recommend sharing routes among friends and events worldwide.

-Enter competition (for fee) by hitting "rally" button to start the UnPaved challenge (not required, waypoints are fully visible free outside of competition mode). User's score is a complex algorithm combining types of roads traveled, total mileage (under 40 mph only is counted) and waypoints hit (every waypoint has a 100 yard geofence). All participants are added to track leaderboard and cumulative leaderboard of all tracks.

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