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What is the "Gambler 500"?

Gambler has always made vagueness the gatekeeper to events, assuming that if you need too many details before you even show up, the lack of details during events will probably drive you mad (years 1-3 participants simply showed up to a parking lot and simply given a single sheet of paper with coordinates to follow). Think of it as the world's biggest, most eclectic car show/adventure rally for rad people without egos.

I won't do another background recap as Off-Road Racer did a great one here.

Our friend Jessi also did an amazing job of summing up how here:

The Original Gambler continues here in Oregon every year last weekend of June (get all the updates for 2021 here), it has evolved into a more festival of sorts celebrating cheap weird car culture. 2021 will have even more options for people to participate and even options for children to accompany and attend the "less ruckus" activities (offsite camping much like 2020). HooptieX will again take up two days as well as the potential 100 mile endurance race "GORRA" but as a stray to normal Gambler basic requirements (street legal/insurance) this would require cages, fire suppression and all the requirements for sanctioned stage/wheel to wheel racing.

As most have figured out that while the term Gambler as it refers to automotive events/brands is copyrighted and the logo trademarked we invite other's to have the same sort of grassroots fun as we had in the beginning and we allow other's to use the name as a call sign for cheap fun in all forms, the requirements are simple:

1. Do not monetize it, waypoints are always free.

2. Pick up trash.

3. Don't be a dick (applies to all participants)

The first three years were the best, camping on public land for free (do not need a permit under 75 people). While some regions sell event specific shirts to help cover the costs if they need portapotties this should always stay grassroots and the most accessible motorsport in the world. We do not allow people to simply sell the brand that we have worked so hard for 8 years to build (you're free to make your own shirts just don't sell them!). If your state does not have access to public land some events have organized group camping on private and of course the campground/landowner should be compensated.

In short anyone anywhere can start a mini gambler (think 10-30 cars) as long as you don't make it a business.

Please tag us and use #gambler500 wherever you are in the world whether you've been to an event or not. Throw a sticker on your beater, fly the flag that car payments don't make you cool. ABG.

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